Beautiful and breathtaking

Posted November 11, 2015 by tangopassionista
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It was my first visit to a milonga in the capital of a country I’d never been to before. The atmosphere was warm and inviting, the people open and friendly. After strapping on my shoes, I helped myself to a drink at the make-shift bar, chose a seat and sat down. Looking around to get a feel for the place and see who was there, I caught the eye of a tall, elegantly dressed young man who smiled, winked and nodded towards the dance floor. As I smiled and nodded back, he came to my table and took my hand. We danced as if we’d been dancing for years. Instant connection, instant intimacy, instant bliss.

My first tanda in the strange city was the best of many more. When it ended, we held the embrace, savouring the moment, not wanting to let go. It was breathtaking and beautiful. He was just passing through, heading back the next day to a far off place I’ve also never been to but have long wanted to see. Perhaps now I’d like to see it a little bit more. My own stay in the capital lasted several days… my first visit, but certainly not my last.


Moves and smiles

Posted November 5, 2015 by tangopassionista
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I like watching people at the milonga. I like watching leaders, noting how they move around the floor and interpret the music. I also like watching followers and how they dance, noting their fleeting smiles of joy and surprise – and their knowing smiles as they sense some miscommunication between themselves and their partner. Tango is a place where people smile when something doesn’t quite go as planned.

Embrace the face

Posted November 1, 2015 by tangopassionista
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There are so many things I like and love about tango, but one thing I always savour comes after finishing the first dance in a tanda. I’m talking about finding that warm, familiar spot on a leader’s face and forehead as we go into the dances that follow. The embrace and the face… sheer tango bliss.

Resurrection 2015

Posted October 10, 2015 by tangopassionista
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For one reason or another, I first neglected and then completely forgot about my blog for a period of several years. While many changes occurred during that time, one thing that hasn’t changed is my passion for dancing tango. Recently, I’ve been thinking of resurrecting tangopassionista and I think the time has come – perhaps because I’m stuck at home with a really bad cold and am unable to dance as planned. I’ll be fine in a few days’ time, but when my access to dancing is suddenly cut off, I begin to feel trapped and uneasy. Tango is still and will always be my escape and my home-coming in one.

Tangoing into 2011

Posted December 30, 2010 by tangopassionista
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Four milongas in row from tonight and the weather has calmed down enough for it not to get in the way. I’m so looking forward to each of the next four nights, partly because I haven’t danced for over a week, partly because of the very different venues, and partly (or mainly) because I’ve recently felt so liberated in my dancing – in how I dance and who I dance with. I’m going to embrace 2011 in the same way I aim to embrace my tango partners. Here’s to a tango-filled new year!

No tango tonight

Posted December 19, 2010 by tangopassionista
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I was so looking forward to the milonga tonight and to dancing with one of my favourite dancers, but the weather has me putting my shoes away and opting for a night in instead. Fingers crossed that the snow stops soon and that I can get to the other milongas planned for the rest of the week.

Tango Turns Me Inside Out

Posted December 10, 2010 by tangopassionista
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Having split from my regular partner and visiting the milongas in my own right rather than as part of a couple, I’m enjoying my tango more than ever. I’ve found a new confidence and a new connection with my partners, the music and the floor. All the tension, the awkwardness, has gone – a liberation in more ways than one! I’m back to the tango turns me inside out feeling I had lost and mourned. I’ve found my tango again and don’t intend to let it go.