Tango Timewarp

There are so many opportunities to dance tango right now that I could be out every night of the week if I wanted to be. And part of me wants to be, believe me. But then the other part says no, if you’re out every night you’ll neglect some other part of your life and your tango outings will all become so routine, so habitual, that you’ll destroy the magic and they won’t be special any more. Having braved several snow storms and icy roads to get to milongas in the past few weeks, I’ve sometimes questioned my sanity. But was I mad?  Yes, perhaps – at least sometimes. And was it worth it? Yes, every time! There really was something magical about approaching the milonga, peering through snow-covered eyelashes and steamed-up windows to look in on another world – a world of warmth and welcome, a world of timelessness and tango. That’s what makes the decision so hard sometimes, to stay away and pursue some other activity or to step into the tango timewarp and leave everything else behind. The weather has kept me home tonight and I’m determined to attend to things I’ve been putting off – once I’ve written this, read some blogs and have explored whatever other tango-related stuff keeps me from doing what I set out to do.

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One Comment on “Tango Timewarp”

  1. tangobob Says:

    Seems to me you’ve joined the criminally insane group know otherwise as tango vampires. Just surrender to the feeling, all those other things in life are just garnishing, true life is on the milonga floor.
    Or maybe not, when you are truley and completely hooked no amount of bad weather will keep you in, but you are well on the way.

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